The Worst Brand Ever: Trump’s Ice Water

The original design of Donald Trump’s Water bottle label (source: Wiki commons)

Before becoming a politician or the president of the USA, Trump tried to follow in the footsteps of his father to become a successful businessman. However, all of the products and ventures that he has designed have been failures. The business ventures which actually made him money where either the ones inherited from his father or the once he acquired through purchase. Trump’s Ice Water is known as the worst marketing as well as business failure in this world.

The Worst Label in History

You may think that it is just his face on the label that makes the label so bad, but no, it’s overall a terrible design. If you were to give me this I would seriously assume that a 10-year-old has designed this label.

The combination of colors, the font, and the overall design is contradictory.

I am not here to discuss Trump as a politician (so please do not get the wrong idea); I am here to comment on how bad Trump can be as a businessman.

Going back in time, marketing was much simpler then it is now. This product was introduced to the American market in 1995 and it primarily tried to promote not the mountain spring waters of America, but Donald Trump. Many are not aware of the brand because this product was mostly sold in selected markets and initially sold at Trump-owned casinos around America.

Trump wanted the water and his face everywhere and had no shame in promoting it on everything. It was featured in the first season of The Apprentice. I have read many interviews from the 90s that Trump has given about his water brand and to sum up, the story he states is that his “wide” experience as a businessman and as a “marketer” made him see a need for a premium type of bottled water.

I am sorry, but I need to stop here for a second — a premium type of water? It’s water in a cheap plastic bottle, and you dare call it premium?

Trump’s Water bottle (source: Wiki commons)

Tanks to abdo pablo.

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